Songs of the Pumpkin Boy vol. 1

by Pumpkin Boy

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Songs of the Pumpkin Boy vol. 1 is a Grand Rapids-based Halloween music compilation, with contributions from Bilge, Anythings, Shane Tripp, & Book of Symbols. We hope you enjoy this offering to the dark forces as you go about your haunted way this October and beyond.


released October 21, 2016

recorded / mixed by Jon Reeder, Michael Foxtrot Johnson, and Matt Ten Clay

mastered by Matt Ten Clay at Amber Lit Audio in a heartwarming display of eleventh-hour generosity

album art by Chris McClurken



all rights reserved


Pumpkin Boy Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Track Name: Bloated Blackened Head
"...he was nothing but a bloated, blackened head and a charred skeleton. he smelled burnt. he talked on and on..."
Track Name: Bilge - Black as Pitch
In Rose hall
I Called her
Dust of a grave, feathers of hen

with Flint point
scratched out
The sigil, a sign, (et) invocarem...

For dry-mann (dru man)
Witch-fire sees
The dust of the dead is flame and sword

In my soul
My heart
Drank from the Cup of the Wrath of the Lord


I saw three signs
Red-orange on the candle wax
Bone in the candle's ash

I divine three signs
Red-orange in the cracking glass
Skull in the bone-white ash


Closed up
Saddled up
Rode into the night with breath of lamb

Gave you
Black leather pouch
Bones (coins) and a nail, to grace your end

For men
Men like me
The dust of the dead is flame and sword

In my soul
In my heart
Drank from the Cup of the Wrath of the Lord
Track Name: Shane Tripp - Celebrating Halloween
it is a really strange time of the year
especially when you have been followed here
there are strange men in the middle of the night
and deranged children who just don't seem right

ghosts want to show you how they have died
they don't seem to be satisfied
until you shit yourself and cry

a pair of murdered drugstore workers grab your arms
they tell how maliciously they were harmed
and you must be quite, keep an easy scene
because you're only celebrating halloween
Track Name: Book of Symbols - Close Keep
Holding your eyes
threads of both shoes untied
and I couldn't see
your face

Pearl white skies
the fabric folds in our lives
that I couldn't help
but waste

The camera you hold
lens is open blurry pose
of windswept wood
on shores

Light is exposed
curtained windows, doors closed
hiding the night
in day

And open to the thought of present danger
in the footsteps of a
quiet passing stranger
Calmly calculate the time and space
of odd and obtuse angles
that plot out the lines to your escape
When little branches whisper
hold on to the thought that keeps you safe
Track Name: Remember Those Ghosts
remember those ghosts

people, they've gone away
lovers, they've gone away

shifting, all flesh to gray
shifting, all flesh to graves

people, lovers, shifting
remember those ghosts